Aeolus – Everything You Need To Know

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This article will cover everything you need to know about Aeolus, from important dates, locations, and even current and discontinued models.

So here is everything you need to know about Aeolus:

2023 Aeolus Mach Twin Engine Hybrid SUV driving next to a ravine and a horse
Aeolus Mach Twin Engine Hybrid SUV

Who Was The Founder Of Aeolus?

Aeolus was founded in July 2009 by Dongfeng Motor Group in China.

What Does Aeolus Specialize in?

Aeolus specializes in normal passenger vehicles, with some models based on PSA Peugeot and Citroën models like the Fengshen L60.

Where Is the Aeolus Headquarters Location?

The headquarters of Aeolus is currently in Wuhan, Hubei, China.

Wuhan is the most populated city in central china and the capital city of the Hubei Province.

Who Owns Aeolus?

Aeolus is owned by Dongfeng Motor Group.

Dongfeng Motor Group is a Chinese holding company with many joint ventures with other car manufacturers:

  • Honda
  • Renault-Nissan
  • Stellantis

Sales And Revenue Of Aeolus

Annual Sales Figures Of Aeolus

The total sales of Aeolus during the last recorded update was 392,714 vehicles.

This is a remarkable number to think the brand was only started in 2009; this shows you the buying power of the Asian markets.

Aeolus’s Latest Revenue Figures

Aeolus made $18,428,065,990 in the fiscal year of 2022.

Compared to other manufacturers in Europe and America, this is insanely high revenue thanks to low manufacturing costs and a high volume of sales.

How Many Employees Does Aeolus Have?

According to their Linkedin account, Aeolus has 122,061 employees as of 2023.

Who Is The Current CEO Of Aeolus?

Yanfeng Zhu is the current CEO of Aeolus.

Mr. Zhu is also a politician and was the previous CEO of FAW (First Automotive Works), deputy party chief of the province of Jilin, and Tianjin Automobile Group chairman.


Top Current Aeolus Models

  • Haoji
  • AX7
  • Yixuan
  • A60 CNG
  • E70
  • E70 Pro

Here is a walk around of the Aeolus Haoji SUV showcasing everything you need to know about it:

2022 Dongfeng Aeolus HaoJi Walkaround—China Auto Show—2022款东风风神皓极,外观与内饰实拍

Top Discontinued Aeolus Models

  • E30
  • E30L
  • H30
  • S30
  • A30
  • L60
  • A9
  • H30 Cross
  • AX3
  • AX4
  • AX5
2023 red Aeolus AX4 SUV driving through the city with the skyline in the background
Aeolus AX4 SUV

Final Thoughts On Aeolus

Learning something new about automotive companies, especially Aeolus, is always a treat.

While it isn’t a very old company, the sales and revenue stack up with the most established brands from Europe and America.

Hopefully, you found this article interesting, and now you know everything about Aeolus.


Is Dongfeng A Good Brand?

As an automotive company, it has greatly improved over the years and really delivers higher quality products than it used to.
The morals of buying a state-owned Chinese company vehicle, however, are questionable as human rights are not in practice in China.

What Is the Best Chinese Car Brand?

Geely, in my opinion, is the best Chinese car brand, but only because they bought Volvo and thus inherited all the years of research and development to build European quality cars.

What Is The Most Sold Car In China?

The Wuling Hongguang is the most sold vehicle in China, with over 4,500,000 sold since 2010.
The second most-sold car in China is the Volkswagen Lavida, with over 3,700,000 sold since 2008.