Cars That Start With W

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With so many new automobile manufacturers starting to appear worldwide, the question is always, what are the cars that start with W?

We will review current and defunct manufacturers and see how many are there and where.

Here are all the car names starting with W, but let’s first look at the top manufacturers.

grey Weismann Project Thunderball driving on a very scenic route trough the mountain sides
New Weismann Project Thunderball EV

Top 4 Cars That Start With W

  • Wells Motor Cars
  • Westfield
  • Wiesmann
  • Williams

Cars That Start With W: Still In Production

There are 15 automobile manufacturers producing vehicles whose names start with the letter W, and here they are in alphabetical order:

W MotorsWeltmeisterWolf Racing Cars
WallyscarWestfieldWorkhorse Group
Wanshan Special VehicleWEYWorld Auto
WanxiangWiesmannWuling Automobile
Wells Motor CarsWilliamsWuzhoulong

Wiesmann is one of the few boutique sportscar manufacturers in Europe and truly makes some true masterpieces like the Wiesman GT MF5 with the excellent sounding BMW V10 engine; here is a video showcasing some interior and exterior shots of that amazing engine:

Wiesmann GT MF5: Cold Start, Tunnel Sound, Acceleration, Revs, Downshifts and Drive

Cars That Start With W: That Defunct

Since the invention of the self-propelled vehicle, there have been 86 automobile manufacturers that are no longer in business, and here they are in alphabetical order from their country of origin:

Czech Republic

  • Walter Fiat


WandererWeineck Engineering


  • Warszawa

United Kingdom


United States

W.F.S.WarwickWheego TechnologiesWilson
WacoWashingtonWheeler Manufacturing CompanyWindsor
WahlWaterlooWhite Motor CompanyWinther
WaldronWatrousWhite StarWinton
Walker Motor Car CompanyWattWhiting Motor Car CoWolfe
WallWaukeshaWhitmore, M.C. CoWolverine
WalterWaverley ElectricWhitneyWoodill
Waltham Manufacturing CoWebb JayWilcoxWoodruff
Waltham SteamWeidely Motor CompanyWildmanWoods Dual Power
WalworthWelch Motor Car CompanyWilliams ElectricWoods Electric
WardWestcottWills C. H. and CompanyWoods Mobilette
Ward ElectricWestfieldWillysWorth
Ware Steam WagonWhaley-HenrietteWillys-KnightWorth J.M. Gas Engine Manufacturing Co

Source: Wikipedia

silver Wells Motors Vertige driving in the British country side
Wells Motors Vertige

Final Thoughts On Cars That Start With W

Hopefully, you are surprised how many car manufacturers there are that names begin with W and the massive amount in the past.

It would have been interesting if most of these older manufacturers were still in production today.


What Expensive Cars Start With The Letter W?

Weismann is embracing electrification and has launched a new model, the Weismann Project Thunderball, that will be rear-wheel drive with 680HP and weigh just over 3,747lb (1,700kg), and will cost $307,879.
If you want a dedicated racing car, the Italian firm Wolf Racing Cars has got you covered, and with over 170 pole positions and 159 wins, they know how to build race cars.
The fastest vehicle is the Wolf GB08 F Mistral Extreme, equipped with a Ford Racing V8 producing 650HP for $110,000.

What Is The Name Of The Car With The Logo W?

Four car manufacturers use only a W for their logo: Wuling, W Motors, Wanderer(Defunct), and Willys-Overland(Defunct).