Cars That Start With G

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There are a lot of car manufacturers in the world, so how many cars that start with G?

This article will look through all the car names starting with G, those currently in production, and those that aren’t anymore.

Here are all the car names starting with G, but let’s first look at the top manufacturers.

2023 blue and black gumpert nathalie hydrogen race car

Top 6 Cars That Start With G

  • General Motors
  • Genesis
  • Ginetta
  • GMC
  • Gruppo Bertone
  • Gumpert

Cars That Start With G: Still In Production

There are 30 automobile manufacturers producing vehicles whose names start with the letter G, and here they are in alphabetical order:

GAC FiatGAZGenty AutomotiveGinettaGreat British Sports Cars
GAC GroupGeelyGeometryGiotti VictoriaGreat Wall Motors
GAC ToyotaGeneral MotorsGhandhara IndustriesGLMGrinnall
Gagliardi DesignGeneral Motors KoreaGhandhara NissanGlobal Electric MotorcarsGruppo Bertone
Ganja Auto PlantGeneral Motors Special Vehicles (GMSV)GibbsGM UzbekistanGuangqi Honda
Gardner Douglas Sports CarsGenesisGilletGMCGumpert

Here is an amazing POV and sound of the Gardner Douglas GD427 V8 on some back roads:

2008 Gardner Douglas GD427 MK4 Cobra 6.3 V8 T5 Manual - POV Test Drive & WalkAround | 430BHP

Cars That Start With G: That Defunct

Since the invention of the self-propelled vehicle, there have been 103 automobile manufacturers that are no longer in business, and here they are in alphabetical order from their country of origin:


  • Giocattolo
  • Goggomobile


  • Gurgel


  • Gray-Dort


  • Gonow
  • Green Field Motor
  • Greentech Automotive
  • Guizhou Yunque


Georges IratGoujonGuerry et Bourguignon
Georges RichardGregoire


  • Glas
  • Goggomobil
  • Goliath
  • Gutbrod


  • Ghia


  • Gorham


  • Grivbuz


  • GM-AvtoVAZ


  • GEA

United Kingdom

Garrard & BlumfieldGilburtGordon GTGwynne-Albert
GibbonsGodfrey-ProctorGTM Cars

United States

G.J.G.GasmobileGerman-AmericanGolden EagleGreat Southern
G.VGaylordGeronimoGrahamGreat Western
GabrielGaylord Motor Car CompanyGhentGraham-PaigeGreenleaf Cycle Company
GaleGem Motor Car CompanyGilligGrantGreyhound
GallowayGeneralGlassparGraves & CondonGrinnell Electric Car Company
GardnerGeneral ElectricGleasonGray Light CarGriswold Motor Car Company
GarfordGeneral Motors CorporationGlideGray Motor CorporationGrout
Gas-au-lecGenevaGlobe FourGreat EagleGurley
GaslightGeoGloverGreat SmithGyroscope

Source: Wikipedia

Final Thoughts On Cars That Start With G

Hopefully, you are surprised how many car manufacturers there are that names begin with G and the massive amount in the past.

It would have been interesting if most of these older manufacturers were still in production today.

2023 silver Gardner Douglas T70 Moda in an abandoned warehouse
The beautiful Gardner Douglas T70 Moda


What Expensive Cars Start With The Letter G?

If you love track-focused cars, Ginetta has covered you with the G56 GT4 Supercup for $180,951.
The next tier Ginetta that can compete in the LeMans, the G58, costs $315,000, while the cheaper alternative is the LMP3 for $125,000.
They even make a legal road car, the Ginetta Akula, that you can get for an eye-watering $410,155.
One of the most expensive SUVs you can buy is the 2023 GMC Yukon XL Denali Ultimate 4WD; the right options can cost $105,210.
If you are a fan of Top Gear, you will know about the German car manufacturer Gumpert and their crazy cars, and their newest horse in the stable is the Gumpert Nathalie, which costs about $460,000.

What Does G Mean In Vehicles?

On older German-made vehicles that were 4WD or 4×4, you might have seen the G gear on the transmission.
This was a low gear designated for offroad use or towing; the G stands for Gelände-gang or offroad-gear.