Cars That Start With Q

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With so many new automobile manufacturers starting to appear worldwide, the question is always, what are the cars that start with Q?

While Q isn’t a popular letter to use in a name, not many vehicles generally start with the letter Q.

2020 silver Qoros Milestone Concept in front of a cgi screen enviroment
2020 Qoros Milestone Concept supplied by

Cars That Start With Q: Still In Production

No current automobile manufacturer starts with the letter Q, which is interesting because there are letters like Q in the alphabet that are not often used.

Here is one defunct car brand that is a bizarre vehicle, the Qvale Mangusta, that is based on a Ford Mustang that Doug DeMuro reviews in the video:

The Qvale Mangusta Is the Italian Exotic Car You’ve Never Heard Of

Cars That Start With Q: That Defunct

Since the invention of the self-propelled vehicle, nine automobile manufacturers are no longer in business.

Even over 100 years not many automobile manufacturers had names starting with Q, and here they are in alphabetical order from their country of origin:


  • Qoros

Qoros was a short-lived Chinese car manufacturer focused on the sales of passenger cars and was co-owned by Isreal Corporation and Chery.

The name was self-made and closely resembled the Greek chorus, but the Q represented quality.


  • Quo Vadis

From 1921 to 1923, Quo Vadis manufactured cyclecars in Courbevoie, France, and had a twin-cylinder train engine of all things to power it.


  • Qvale

Qvale was initially produced in partnership with De Tomaso and American Bruce Qvale in 2000.

It would have been named the De Tomaso Biguà until De Tomaso pulled out of the project.

The car was heavily based on the Ford Mustang of that time, so much so that most of the interior was directly from the Ford parts catalog.

United Kingdom

  • Quadrant

Quadrant was a well-known bicycle manufacturer that started in 1890. 

In 1899 they started making a small number of vehicles for two years, one of them being the Quadrant Carette, a three-wheeler.

1906 Quadrant 5HP Forecar standing on an estate grounds
1906 Quadrant Forecar image supplied by Bonhams
  • Quasar-Unipower

Quasar-Unipower was an odd box-designed vehicle available between 1967 and 1968.

It had odd features like inflatable plastic seats, glass roof, and sides and was wider than long.

  • Queen

Queen automobiles were produced from 1904 to 1905; the car was known as the car for the millionaire.

Horner and Sons sold it for between 235 and 275 guineas gold coins; today, it is between $27,342 and $31,996 when converted and inflation added.

United States

  • Queen

Not to be confused with the British car manufacturer, the American Queen automobile manufacturer was known as Blomstrom between 1902-1903 and 1907-1908, while from 1904-1907, it was known as the Queen.

  • Quick

Quick produced Veteran Era cars between 1899 and 1900 and was the first American car manufacturer to use overhead camshafts on their engines.

  • Quinby

Quinby was one of the oldest coachbuilders in America and was established in 1834 and built the 1899 Quinby Electric that could drive 60 miles on a charge at 12,5 miles per hour and even had regenerative braking.

Source: Wikipedia

Final Thoughts On Cars That Start With Q

As you have seen in the article, there weren’t a lot of car names starting with Q over the years.

It would have been interesting if some of them could have survived over the years as they would have changed the automotive world somehow.


What Expensive Cars Start With The Letter Q?

The Qvale Mangusta might be one of the most expensive cars to start with the letter Q, with an average price of $27,212.
Keep in mind that the car that it was based on, the 1998 Mustang GT was only $20,150 at the time.

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