Cars That Start With Y

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With so many new automobile manufacturers starting to appear worldwide, the question is always, what are the cars that start with Y?

We will review current and defunct manufacturers and see how many are there and where.

Here are all the car names starting with Y, but let’s first look at the top manufacturers.

1998 Toyota supra 2jz-gte engine built in collaboration with Yamaha
1998 Toyota Supra Turbo with the legendary 2JZ-GTE engine built in collaboration with Yamaha.

Top Cars That Start With Y

  • Yamaha

Cars That Start With Y: Still In Production

There are six automobile manufacturers producing vehicles whose names start with the letter Y, and here they are in alphabetical order:

Yema AutoYulon
Yudo AutoYutong Group

While it is a UTV, the Yamaha YXZ 1000R is also classified as a motor vehicle in many countries if fitted with indicators and reverse lights, and here is a fantastic display of a turbocharged YXZ going full ham in the dunes, and the sound is just unique:

Yamaha YXZ 1000R Turbo Packard Built

Cars That Start With Y: That Defunct

Since the invention of the self-propelled vehicle, there have been 16 automobile manufacturers that are no longer in business, and here they are in alphabetical order from their country of origin:


Yangchang MotorsYoungman


  • Yes!




  • Yarovit Motors
  • Yo-Mobile


  • Yontrakit Motors

United Kingdom

  • YEC

United States

  • Yale
  • Yellow Cab Manufacturing

Source: Wikipedia

2011 white Yema F10 that looks a lot like a Subaru Forester
2011 Yema F10 that is clearly a Subaru Forester copy, image provided by Jengtingchen – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Final Thoughts On Cars That Start With Y

Hopefully, you are surprised how many car manufacturers there are that names begin with Y and the massive amount in the past.

It would have been interesting if most of these older manufacturers were still in production today.


Is There A Car Brand That Starts With Y?

Yes, there are six manufacturers in total that start with Y.
Yamaha is a Japanese manufacturer that builds side-by-side recreational and utility vehicles and helps Toyota with many engine development programs.
Yema Auto is a Chinese car manufacturer producing typical Chinese copy vehicles, from their Spica MPV that looks like a Toyota Alphard to their F10, F12, and F16 models that are Subaru Forester lookalikes.
Yudo Auto is also a Chinese manufacturer but only produces electric vehicles. 
It currently has four models: the K3, a hatchback; the π1 and  π3; their subcompact crossover SUVs; and the V01L van, a collaboration with Keyton and their M70 van.
Yuejin, also known as Nanjing Automobile, produces light-duty trucks based on older Isuzu trucks.
Yulon is a Taiwanese manufacturer and was the country’s biggest automobile manufacturer in 2010 and was also known to build Nissan under license.
Yutong Group is a Chinese producer of commercial vehicles and electric buses and, since 2016, has been the largest bus manufacturer in the world in sales volume.