Cars That Start With Z

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With so many new automobile manufacturers starting to appear worldwide, the question is always, what are the cars that start with Z?

We will review current and defunct manufacturers and see how many are there and where.

Here are all the car names starting with Z, but let’s first look at the top manufacturers.

2022 blue Zagato Maserati Mostro Barchetta in a shiping yard
2022 Zagato Maserati Mostro Barchetta

Top 2 Cars That Start With Z

  • Zagato
  • Zenvo

Cars That Start With Z: Still In Production

There are 13 automobile manufacturers producing vehicles whose names start with the letter Z, and here they are in alphabetical order:

ZanellaZhongtong Bus
Zastava TERVOZhongyu
ZeekrZX Auto

There aren’t a lot of car manufacturers from Denmark, but Zenvo is one of them, and we are glad they exist and make some of the most innovative supercars in the world.

Take this 1200HP Zenvo TSR-S with its crazy active rear spoiler and excellent sounding 5.8 twin-supercharged V8:

1200HP Zenvo TSR-S in Action! Active Rear Spoiler, Accelerations & BRUTAL SOUNDS!

Cars That Start With Z: That Defunct

Since the invention of the self-propelled vehicle, there have been 20 automobile manufacturers that are no longer in business. 

Here they are in alphabetical order from their country of origin:


  • ZENN


  • Zédel
  • Zeiller & Fournier


  • Zündapp
  • Zwickau


  • Zust


  • ZSD Nysa


  • ZiL
  • ZMA


  • Zastava

United Kingdom

  • Zendik
  • Zenith
  • Zolfe Cars

United States

Zebra Motors Inc.Zimmer Motorcars

Source: Wikipedia

White and blue Zenvo TSR-S on Laguna Seca Raceway
Zenvo TSR-S

Final Thoughts on car names starting with Z

Hopefully, you are surprised how many car manufacturers there are that names begin with Z and the massive amount in the past.

It would have been interesting if most of these older manufacturers were still in production today.


What Sports Car Starts With Z?

Two sports car manufacturers’ name starts with Z; the Italian Coachbuilder Zagato has a few new models to buy, like the 2022 Zagato Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB and the 2022 Zagato Maserati Mostro Barchetta.
The other mánufacturer is Zenvo from Denmark, which builds hand-made super to even hypercars.
Currently, they have three models available: the TSR, TSR-S, and TS1 GT, which are the same platform but in different states of tune. 

What Car Symbol Is Z?

Four manufacturers utilize a Z as their logo: Zagato, Zenos, Zastava, and Zotye.
Zagato is an Italian Coachbuilder and sportscar manufacturer.
Zenos is a British light sportscar manufacturer that has been present since 2012.
Zastava is a Serbian manufacturer of military trucks and has been in business since 2000.
Zotye is a privately owned Chinese automotive manufacturer specializing in compact cars and was founded in 2005.