Toyota – All You Need To Know

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Toyota is the biggest automaker in the USA and the second biggest in the world.

To think Toyota started as a textile manufacturer and is now one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

This article will use the most prominent information to help you understand Toyota’s history and current models and developments.

1985 silver Toyota Cargo Van demonstrating its loading capabilities in front of modern architecture
1985 Toyota Cargo Van

Who Founded Toyota?

Kiichiro Toyoda founded Toyota on 28 August 1937 and has since stayed in the hands of the Toyoda family.

His oldest son Shoichiro Toyoda took over the reins between 1992 and 1999, and Shoichiro’s only child Akio Toyoda is currently the president of Toyota.

Key People At Toyota

Current Chairman At Toyota

The current chairman at Toyota is Takeshi Uchiyamada, and he has been chairman since 2013.

Current President At Toyota

The current president at Toyota is Akio Toyoda, who has been president since 2009 and is the third generation Toyoda family member to be president.

Former Chairman At Toyota

Former Presidents At Toyota

Source: Wikipedia and Toyota

Where Is The Headquarters Of Toyota?

Toyota’s headquarters are located in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan.

Toyota City was previously known as Koromo, and due to Toyota having several production plants in the city, they changed it to Toyota City.

As of 2019, the estimated population in Toyota City is 426,162, with a total area of 354.57 square miles or 918.32 square kilometers.

Where Is Toyota Made?

While being a manufacturer in Japan, Toyota has numerous manufacturing facilities all over the world.

We will be focusing on the plants that produce and assemble vehicles.


North America


South America



Who Owns Toyota Motor Corporation?

The parent group or organization that owns Toyota Motor Corporation is the Toyota Group.

Toyota Group, however, cross-owns some other manufacturers:

  • 8.7% of Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries)
  • 49% of Denso
  • 5% of Mazda
  • 4.94% of Suzuki
  • 100% Daihatsu
  • 100% Hino Motors
  • 50% FAW Toyota
  • 50% GAC Toyota

Divisions Of Toyota

Toyota had two divisions, but since 2016 only one is Lexus; previously, Scion was also a division but was defunct in February 2016.

Scion targeted younger people and emphasized styling and inexpensiveness, while Lexus is Toyota’s luxury division and is still in production.

Sales and Production

How Many Cars Does Toyota Sell In A Year?

The norm for measuring car sales is using the car sales from January to November, and Toyota sold 8,727,662 vehicles worldwide in 2022.

7,537,542 of those vehicles were sold outside Japan, and Toyota sold only 1,190,120 inside Japan.

These exclude the sale number of Daihatsu and Hino.

How Many Cars Does Toyota Produce In A Year?

Due to the short work weeks in December, just like with the sales, the production of the vehicles is only registered from January to November.

Toyota produced 8,327,166 cars in 2022, while only 2,434,442 was made in Japan and Toyota produced 5,892,724 outside Japan.

Here is a behind-the-scenes tour of all the USA production plants and how the cars and components are made:

Toyota Manufacturing Behind The Scenes & Production Plant Tour | Toyota

Toyota Net Worth

Toyota Motor Corporations Revenue is very stable, and over 11 years, it has only dipped to $171.1B in 2015 and up again to 2022, which was $281.7B to its all-time high.

As of 2022, Toyota has $552.5B in assets and made $28.2B in profits.

How many Employees Does Toyota Have?

As of 2022, Toyota has 372,817 employees on their payroll, almost half of the workforce that Volkswagen has, now at 668,000.

Current Toyota Models In North America

2023 ultimate overlanding Toyota Sequoia TRD Off road
2022 Toyota Ultimate Overlanding Sequoia TRD Off Road


Toyota CamryToyota Corolla
Toyota CrownToyota GR86
Toyota GR CorollaToyota GR Supra
Toyota MiraiToyota Prius

Pickup Trucks

  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Tundra


  • Toyota Sienna


Toyota C-HRToyota Corolla Cross
Toyota HighlanderToyota RAV4
Toyota VenzaToyota 4Runner
Toyota bZ4XToyota Sequoia

Current Toyota Models In South America


Toyota AgyaToyota CamryToyota Corolla
Toyota EtiosToyota GR86Toyota GR Supra
Toyota GR YarisToyota RushToyota Yaris

Pickup Trucks

  • Toyota 79 Series
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Lite ACE Pickup
  • Toyota Tundra


  • Toyota HIACE
  • Toyota Lite ACE


  • Toyota Avanza
  • Toyota Sienna


Toyota 4RunnerToyota 76 Series
Toyota CH-RToyota Corolla Cross
Toyota FJ CruiserToyota Highlander
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SeriesToyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota RaizeToyota RAV4
Toyota SequoiaToyota SW4 
Toyota Fortuner

Current Toyota Models In Europe


Toyota AygoToyota CamryToyota Corolla
Toyota GR86Toyota GR SupraToyota GR Yaris
Toyota MiraiToyota PriusToyota Yaris

Pickup Trucks

  • Toyota Hilux


  • Toyota Alphard
  • Toyota HIACE
  • Toyota Proace
  • Toyota Proace City


Toyota bZ4XToyota C-HRToyota Corolla Cross
Toyota FortunerToyota HighlanderToyota Land Cruiser (Prado)
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SeriesToyota RAV4Toyota Yaris Cross

Current Toyota Models In Japan

2022 red white black Toyota GR Corolla Rally Concept
2022 Toyota GR Corolla Rally Concept


Toyota AquaToyota Camry
Toyota CenturyToyota Copen GR Sport
Toyota CorollaToyota C+pod
Toyota CrownToyota GR86
Toyota GR YarisToyota JPN Taxi
Toyota MiriaToyota Passo
Toyota PixisToyota Prius
Toyota RoomyToyota Supra
Toyota Yaris

Pickup Trucks

  • Toyota Hilux


  • Toyota Alphard
  • Toyota Noah
  • Toyota Sienta
  • Toyota Vellfire
  • Toyota Voxy


  • Toyota Hiace


Toyota bZ4XToyota C-HR
Toyota HarrierToyota Land Cruiser 300 Series
Toyota RaizeToyota RAV4

Current Toyota Models in Australasia


  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota GR86
  • Toyota GR Corolla
  • Toyota GR Supra
  • Toyota GR Yaris
  • Toyota Vios
  • Toyota Yaris

Pickup Trucks

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series


  • Toyota Coaster
  • Toyota Hiace


  • Toyota Granvia
  • Toyota Innova
  • Toyota Veloz


Toyota Corolla CrossToyota C-HR
Toyota FortunerToyota Harrier
Toyota HighlanderToyota Kluger
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SeriesToyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota RAV4Toyota Rush
Toyota Yaris Cross

Current Toyota Models in Asia


Toyota AllionToyota AltisToyota Agya
Toyota AvalonToyota bZ3Toyota Camry
Toyota CorollaToyota GlanzaToyota GR86
Toyota GR YarisToyota LevinToyota Prius
Toyota Prius CToyota SupraToyota Taxi
Toyota ViosToyota WigoToyota Yaris

Pickup Trucks

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series
  • Toyota Town Ace Pickup


Toyota AlphardToyota Avanza
Toyota CalyaToyota Crown Vellfire
Toyota GranviaToyota Innova
Toyota NoahToyota Sienna
Toyota SientaToyota Super Grandia
Toyota VellfireToyota Veloz
Toyota Voxy


  • Toyota Coaster
  • Toyota GL Grandia
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Toyota Lite Ace
  • Toyota Proace


Toyota bZ4XToyota C-HR
Toyota Corolla CrossToyota Crown Kluger
Toyota FJ CruiserToyota Fortuner
Toyota FrontlnaderToyota Harrier
Toyota IZOAToyota Highlander
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 SeriesToyota Land Cruiser 200 Series
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SeriesToyota Legender
Toyota RaizeToyota RAV4
Toyota RushToyota Urban Cruiser
Toyota WildlanderToyota Venza

Current Toyota Models In Africa


Toyota AgyaToyota AvensisToyota BeltaToyota Camry
Toyota CorollaToyota Corolla QuestToyota GR YarisToyota GT86
Toyota PriusToyota StarletToyota SupraToyota Yaris

Pickup Trucks

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series


  • Toyota Avanza
  • Toyota Rumion


  • Toyota Coaster
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Toyota Quantum


Toyota C-HRToyota Corolla Cross
Toyota FJ CruiserToyota Fortuner
Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SeriesToyota Land Cruiser 300 Series
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 SeriesToyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota RAV4Toyota Rush
Toyota Urban CruiserToyota Yaris Cross

Discontinued Toyota Models

1971 Toyota Celica ST advert by Toyota USA
1971 Toyota Celica ST


NameYears In Production
Toyoda Model AA1936 to 1942
Toyota Model AB Phaeton1936 to 1938
Toyota Model AE1941 to 1943
Toyota Model AC1943 to 1944
Toyopet Model SA1947 to 1949
Toyopet Model SD1949 to 1952
Toyota Model SF1951 to 1953
Toyota Model SH1953
Toyopet Super Model RH1953
Toyopet Crown1955 to 1971
Toyopet Corona1957 to 1979
Publica1961 to 1978
Crown Eight1964 to 1967
Toyopet Corona Mark II1968 to 1980
Sprinter1971 to 2000
Carina1970 to 2001
Toyopet Corona 2Door Sedan1973 to 1979
Publica Starlet1973 to 1978
Chaser1977 to 1984
Corona1978 to 2001
Corsa1978 to 2003
Tarcel1978 to 2003
Corona Mark II1980 to 1984
Celica Camry1980 to 1982
Vista1982 to 2003
Mark II1984 to 2004
Cresta1984 to 2001
Celsior1989 to 2006
Aristo1991 to 2005
Crown Majesta1991 to 2020
Scepter1992 to 1996
Crown Comfort1995 to 2008
Comfort1995 to 2018
Cavalier1996 to 2005
Progès1998 to 2007
Altezza1998 to 2005
Platz1999 to 2005
Pronard2000 to 2004
Origin2000 to 2001
WiLL Vi2000 to 2001
Brevis2001 to 2007
Windom2001 to 2006
Verossa2001 to 2004
Premio2001 to 2021
Allion2001 to 2021
Avensis2003 to 2018
Mark X2004 to 2019
Belta2005 to 2012
SAI2009 to 2017


NameYears In Production
Toyopet Corona1965 to 1987
Toyopet Corona Mark II1968 to 2000
Crown 2Door Hardtop1971 to 1983
Carina Hardtop1972 to 1981
Crown 4Door Hardtop (Royal or Athlete)1974 to 2022
Corolla Hardtop1974 to 1983
Chaser1977 to 2001
Sprinter Hardtop1977 to 1983
Cresta1980 to 1984
Carina ED1985 to 1998
Vista1986 to 1998
Camry Hardtop1988 to 1994
Corona Exiv1989 to 1998
Windom1991 to 2001
Corolla Ceres1992 to 1998
Sprinter Marino1992 to 1998


NameYears In Production
Corsa Hatchback1978 to 1999
Tarcel Hatchback1978 to 1999
Starlet1978 to 1999
Corolla II1982 to 1999
Corolla FX1984 to 1995 
Duet1998 to 2004
Vitz1999 to 2019
Corolla RunX2001 to 2006
Alex2001 to 2006
ist2002 to 2016
WiLL Cypha2002 to 2005
Blade2006 to 2012
iQ2008 to 2015


NameYears In Production
Toyopet Corona1965 to 1968
Corolla Liftback1976 to 1987
Sprinter Liftback1976 to 1987
Corona1978 to 1996
Sprinter Cielo1987 to 1991


NameYears In Production
Publica Convertible1963 to 1969
Toyota Sports 8001965 to 1969
Toyota 2000GT1967 to 1970
1600GT1967 to 1968
Corolla Sprinter1968 to 1970
Corolla Coupe1970 to 1983
Sprinter Coupe1970 to 1983
Celica1970 to 1985
Publica Starlet1973 to 1978
Celica Liftback1973 to 2006
Celica XX1978 to 1986
Carina Coupe1981 to 1985
Soarer1981 to 2000
Corolla Levin1983 to 2000
Sprinter Trueno1983 to 2000
MR21984 to 1999
Corona1985 to 1989
Celica GT-Four1986 to 1998
Celica Convertible1987 to 1998
SERA1990 to 1995
Cynos1991 to 1995
Scepter1993 to 1996
Curren1994 to 1998
Cynos Convertible1996 to 1999
Toyota Cavalier1996 to 2000
MR-S1999 to 2007


NameYears In Production
Mini Ace1968 to 1975
Light Ace1971 to 2001
Townace1976 to 2001
Masterace Surf1982 to 1992
Estima (Previa)1990 to 2019
Estima Emina1992 to 1999
Estima Lucida1992 to 1999
Ipsum1996 to 2010
Hiace Regius1997 to 2002
Gaia1998 to 2004
Sparky2000 to 2003
Estima Hybrid2001 to 2019
Alphard V2002 to 2008
WISH2003 to 2017
Isis2004 to 2017
Passo Sette2008 to 2012

Compact MPV

NameYears In Production
Corolla Spacio1997 to 2007
Raum1997 to 2011
Nadia1998 to 2003
Fun Cargo1999 to 2005
Opa2000 to 2004
bB2000 to 2016
Porte2004 to 2020
Ractis2005 to 2017
Pixis Space2011 to 2017
Spade2012 to 2020

Station Wagon

NameYears In Production
Toyopet Masterline Crown Van1955 to 1967
Toyopet Coronaline1958 to 1964
Toyopet Crown Custom1962 to 1971
Publica Van1962 to 1979
Toyopet Corona1964 to 1978
Crown Van1967 to 1999
Corolla Van1967 to 2002
Toyopet Corona Mark II1968 to 1980
Crown Custom1971 to 1979
Carina Van1977 to 1992
Corona1978 to 1992
Starlet Van1978 to 1989
Crown Wagon1979 to 1987
Corona Mark II1980 to 1984
Carina Wagon1982 to 1992
Corolla Wagon1982 to 2002
Sprinter Carib1982 to 2002
Mark II1984 to 1997
Crown Station Wagon1987 to 1999
Sprinter Van1988 to 2002
Sprinter Wagon1991 to 2002
Caldina1992 to 2007
Caldina Van1992 to 2002
Camry Gracia1996 to 2001
Mark II Qualis1997 to 2002
Vista Ardeo1998 to 2003
Crown Estate1999 to 2007
Altezza Gita2001 to 2005
WiLL VS2001 to 2004
Mark II Blit2002 to 2007
Succeed (Probox)2002 to 2020
Voltz2002 to 2004
Avensis2003 to 2018
Mark X ZiO2007 to 2013


NameYears In Production
Mini Ace1968 to 1975
Quick Delivery 100 (Toyoace)1982 to 2001
Quick Delivery 200 (Dyna)1985 to 2011
Deliboy1989 to 1995
Granvia1995 to 2002
Touring Hiace1999 to 2002
Grand Hiace1999 to 2002
Urban Supporter (Toyoace)2001 to 2004


NameYears In Production
Blizzard1980 to 1990
Hilux Surf1984 to 2009
Mega Cruiser1996 to 2002
Cami1999 to 2005
Kluger V2000 to 2007
Kluger Hybrid2005 to 2007


NameYears In Production
Toyoda Model G1 Truck1935 to 1936
Model GA Truck1936 to 1940
Model GY Truck1937 to 1940
Model GB Truck1938 to 1942
Model HB Truck1939 to 1941
Model KB Truck1942 to 1944
Model LB Truck1942 to 1943
Model KC Truck1943 to 1947
Model BM Truck1947 to 1951
Toyopet Truck Model SB1947 to 1952
Model BS Truck1949 to 1951
Model FS Truck1949 to 1950
Model BX Truck1951 to 1954
Model FX Truck1951 to 1954
Model FZ Truck1951 to 1963
Model BZ Truck1951 to 1954
Toyopet Truck Model SG1952 to 1953
Toyopet Truck Model RK1953 to 1955
Model SK Truck1953 to 1954
Model BA Truck1954 to 1956
Model FA Truck1954 to 1964
Model BC Truck1954 to 1956
Model FC Truck1954 to 1958
Toyopet Masterline Pickup1955 to 1967
Toyopet Truck Model RK1.51955 to 1956
Toyopet RK23 Truck1956 to 1959
Model DA Truck1957 to 1975
Toyopet Stout1959 to 1989
Toyopet Coronaline Pickup1960 to 1968
Briska1961 to 1967
Model DC80C Truck1963 to 1969
Toyopet Light Stout1963 to 1968
Publica Truck1964 to 1988
Model FA100 Truck1964 to 1978
Crown Pickup1967 to 1971
Mini Ace1967 to 1975
Hiace1967 to 1996
Mark II Pickup1968 to 1971
Massy Dyna1969 to 1976


NameYears In Production
Model DA Bus1936 to 1940
Model DB Bus1939 to 1941
Model FL Bus1949 to 1951
Model BL Bus1949 to 1951
Model BY Bus1951 to 1954
Model FY Bus1951 to 1954
Model FR Bus1953 to 1954
Model FB Bus1954 to 1973
Model BB Bus1954 to 1955
Model DB70 Bus1957 to 1964
Model DR10 Bus1958 to 1969
Model DB100 Bus1964 to 1975
Coaster R1996 to 2004

Source: Toyota

1971 Toyota Celica ST advert by Toyota USA
1961 Toyota Land Cruiser

Final Thoughts On Toyota

With such a rich history and a wide variety of cars and commercial vehicles over the years, it is no wonder that Toyota has established itself as a dominant force in the automotive world.

Hopefully, you found the article interesting on everything about Toyota.