Aixam – Everything You Need To Know

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This article will cover everything you need to know about Aixam, from important dates, locations, and even current and discontinued models.

So here is everything you need to know about Aixam:

2023 blue Aixam Miniauto GT
Aixam Miniauto GT

Who Was The Founder Of Aixam?

Aixam was founded in 1983 in Aix-les-Bains, France.

What Does Aixam Specialize In?

Aixam is the oldest and largest license-free vehicle manufacturer in Europe.

The cars have to be restricted to 31.1 MPH (50 KPH) to fall into this category of vehicles; they are specified for town use only and may not be driven on highways.

You can drive these vehicles from 14 years and older with no car license.

Where Is the Aixam Headquarters Location?

The headquarters of Aixam is currently in Aix-les-Bains, Savoie, France.

Aix-les-Bains is situated on the shore of the largest natural lake in France and also has the largest freshwater marina in France.

Who Owns Aixam?

Polaris Industries own Aixam.

2023 blue Aixam Coupe GTi
Aixam Coupe GTi

Does Aixam Have Any Subsidiaries?

Aixam owns Mega, which produces more commercial-style electrical vehicles.

In the past, Mega produced even sportscars and offroad cars.

Sales And Revenue Of Aixam

Annual Sales Figures Of Aixam

The total sales of Aixam during the last recorded update in 2021 were 16,100 vehicles.

Aixam’s Latest Revenue Figures

Aixam made $5,500,000 in the fiscal year of 2022.

How Many Employees Does Aixam Have?

According to their Linkedin account, Aixam has 201-500 employees as of 2023.

Who Is The Current CEO Of Aixam?

Philippe Colancon is the current CEO of Aixam.


Top Current Aixam Models

  • eAIXAM

Here is a brief history of Aixam and one of the most excellent offroad sportscars ever produced, the Aixam Mega Track with its 500HP V12 engine:

Mega Track The Story Of The Baddest Supercar re upload

Top Discontinued Aixam Models

  • Scouty-R
  • Mega City
  • Mega Monte Carlo
  • Mega Multitrack
  • Mega e-Worker

Aixam In Motorsport

Aixam-Mega started its racing development in the early 90s.

In 1996 and 1998 Aixam-Mega won the Trophée Andros ice rally with François Chauche behind the wheel of the MEGA Glace.

In 2000 they competed in Dakar with their newly developed MEGA Desert and finished in second place with Stéphane Peterhansel behind the wheel.

2010 and 2011, they went back to compete in the Trophée Andros but in the electric class and finished both years in second place.

Aixam is still sponsoring young prodigies in racing, from motorcycles to rallying.

2023 white AixamPro D Truck loading bags of cement at a warehouse
AixamPro D-Truck Dropside

Final Thoughts On Aixam

The chances of you knowing anything about Aixam were close to zero, but after this article, you hopefully got to learn everything there is to know about them.

There aren’t a lot of manufacturers producing license-free cars, so it is fascinating to learn about Aixam; hopefully, you will have the same experience.


How Fast Does An Aixam Go?

According to Aixam, their top speed is 28 MPH, but many owners have driven their Aixam close to 31 MPH.

What Engine Is In An Aixam?

Aixam has two options for power delivery, and it is either diesel or electric.
The diesel engine is a Kubota Z402 two-cylinder 400cc engine producing 5-8 HP.
The Electric version has a 6 kW (8 HP) motor to reach the same 28 MPH top speed.

Are Aixam Cars Electric?

Yes, with the current models, you can buy electric versions.

What Licence Do I Need To Drive A Aixam In The UK?

People born after the 1st of January 1988 must have a BSR (Road Safety Certificate) before the 19th of January 2013.
After 2013 you will need an AM license and a valid motorcycle or car license.

Can I Drive An Aixam On The Motorway?

No, quadricycles may not drive on expressways and motorways.